I was able to register for by going directly to the site.  I was then able to create links on explorer by right clicking on “my delicious” adding to favorites, create in links and right clicking on “post to delicious” and doing the same thing.  I imported all of our favorites to the reference department delicious account.  Vicky and Sue make learning fun!


Rollyo – Isn’t that a chewy chocolate candy?

I tried rollyo and used it to bring up some of the favorites that we have at reference into search rolls.  Here is the link to the search rolls

Google is Great!

I really liked learning about Google features by watching the assigned videos.  Being a reference librarian, I use Google a lot when answering reference questions.  Here are four ways that I would use my new knowledge to search Google for answers: I would look up the birthplace of Paul Newman by typing birthplace Paul Newman.  I would calculate how much money someone owed me for prints by entering .15 x 6.  I would look up sites relating to Connecticut government and statistics by entering connecticut statistics  And lastly, I would look up reviews reviews about “Little Miss Sunshine”  by entering ~movie review “little miss sunshine”.

Wiki Wiki Wiki

I am getting a better idea of what a wiki can do and how we can use it at the library. I like the way some towns are  using it as a community resource where everyone in the community can enter information about life in the town.  I also like the idea of trying to do a reference wiki for the staff to use.  Yes , I think we should add an entry for our library along with a picture.  The Library is one of the best features in Newington!

Flickr Experience

Teen Area Looking Spiffy! 

This assignment was the most fun of all the lessons that we have had !  I learned how to take a digital photograph, thanks to Vicky’s assistance.  I also learned how easy it is to use the card reader and load the pictures onto Flickr.  I plan to set up my own Flickr account as a result.  I want to thank all my photographic subjects for so graciously posing:  Vicky, Karen, Sue B., Bruce and Fred.  I like the idea of taking pictures of all staff and Board members and having them on Flickr – for in library use only. 

One of my favorite places

This is a picture of one of my favorite places to eat in Maine.  I love watching the fishing boats come in, smelling the ocean air, and watching the seagulls flying around as I eat steamed clams, and lobsters and drink a cold brew. 

Getting UP Close and Personal Without Being Creepy

Getting Up Close and Personal Without Being Creepy

This is a presentation by Rita Vine from CLA on conducting the reference interview!